I am a world-based Visualizer*in. I work as a freelance designer*in and illustrator*in with a strong fascination for storytelling of any kind. The bad news is: I don’t have a style - that’s the good news, too. I aim to explore material, find out everything about the substance, the core, and then develop a shape, an outer form - the skin for a content. It needs to fit in a complex structure - I’ll make it a pleasant, well-suiting form. If material needs to be flowery and pink, let’s paint it pink. If it’s the sort of non-conformistic, wild, no shape-at-all thing - NICE!

Services: Concept. Art Direction. Branding. Stationery. Logo. Illustration. Web. Photography. Packaging. Editorial Design

Contact: If you need someone to visualize something, drop me a line ︎︎︎hello@selinasommer.com